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Bug in automatic network carriers selection

Hello there,

In France we have a "new" network operator that is installing his own antennas (network code 208 15, "Free") but they have a complicated partnership with another provider, Orange (for Free users it means no 4G and ultra slow 3G, most of the time with an absolute 0 byte/s bandwidth) in order for Free users to be "connected" into areas that aren't covered by Free for the moment. Unfortunately, this partnership is not going to be terminated soon...

The problem is : even if there is both "Free" and "Orange F" networks available, my Nokia 3.1 keep selecting Orange network in absolutely every situation, which is an eternally coming back bug that already existed in the past into a lot of others manufacturer's phones, and have been discussed into a ton of forums without any good advice on any of it.

I should, everytime, switch to manual selection and click, between "Free 4G, Free 3G, Free 3G, Free 3G, Free 2G, Free 2G and Free 2G" on the firsts "Free" in order to have Free network (and not Orange F, which is displayed as "Free" into the menu, in order for all this to be funny...).

I move a little too far in my town, the selected "Free" network antenna become unavailable and the phone is back on "Orange F" and will keep connected to it as long as I don't go back again into the manual selection menu. Same problem if I let the "Automatic network selection" : automatic means "Orange F" for the phone, which is the wrong network.

Absolutely no connected application is able to work fine on Orange F, during the day hours, when you are a Free subscriber so it's an enormous problem : I cannot do anything without spending some minutes, waiting for Network operator research and selection because the phone keeps connecting to the wrong network. And this process is really (abnormally ?) slow, at least 1 complete minute, sometimes 2, just for displaying the list.

If I click on 3G only, 4G recommended or 2G only selection, even if I'm already on Free, the phone always disconnect from the current network and switch to Orange F, no matter if I'm on manual or automatic network selection.

Can this problem be corrected into next release ? As it's making normal use of my phone completely impossible, I may quickly need to return it to Amazon as "defective" if there is no solution, the defect being inside the phone's firmware so I hope it has a chance to be corrected for the next update ?

As a workaround, is there any application that forbid the phone to connect to a given network provider ? This problem is eternally back and solved and back and solved and back and solved problem since "Free Mobile" network apparition, as it seems that nobody is able to understand or deal with this situation, which is a shame knowing that "Free", the new operator, started on 2012.

Hope somebody will have some ideas, waiting for the firmware correction and update !

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