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No KaiOS store on phone

Hi all I'm in Australia and not sure why but my 8110 4g does not have the App Store. Is this because I'm in Australia or because I'm using Sum Slot 2 and not 1? I loved the matrix so was pumped when this phone came out but if I can't access the store that will be a shame.

You must have a valid SIM card secondly updates is country-by-country basis so I'd check with an official Nokia vendor in Australia
OK thank you for that.

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For all who read this I received the update today in Australia and have the App store

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i have the exact problem you have and still cant access the app store in australia. mine keeps saying up to date with version 10

Just keep checking every now and again for the update as I received it about a week after posting the first comment. Although there was no facebook app but I did receive maps and google assistant as well as the store app.
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