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Connection Problem

I have 2 unit x6 from china (i'm in Indonesia), the 32gb and 64gb. The problem faces on 32gb version The problem is the unit cannot connect the internet with Sim card data It only can connect with wifi The card (telkomsel) still have the data, it can be use on other phone The card in x6 also normal for outgoing&incoming call, only cannot use the data That sim on tray 1, also try to become hotspot, it can connect with my x6 64gb version, but it said "connected, no internet" Already try factory reset, still the problem exist Also try on tray 2, cannot use the data. But when become hotspot, my other x6 can used it But still cannot online on the 32gb it self Please help me

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Hi, i face same problem too. The internet connection from telkomsel is not working on my nokia x6 2018 64gb ram/6gb rom. Do you already have the solution to access the internet?
I can assist with this if you still can't connect. I have s solution and have done it many times for the X6 and X5

Hello techguy

I have problem with internet in nokia x6. Could You help me?

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