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Nokia is not responding and not fixing the software bugs

Nokia 7 Plus has lots of bugs from multitasking animation jittering to brightness flickering issues and even random reboots....... HMD global is not responding to these issues and not even fixing the issues........ it's very very frustrating Guess if you can't get a Pixel or an won't get proper software fixes at all

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Yes,this is so annoying.


Hi there, 

Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your Nokia 7 Plus. Please be aware that  this is mostly a user to user forum (also stated in our House rules) and in here we can’t answer everything. For support, please contact our technical support >here<. They will also forward bug reports to RND if they can’t help you out.

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Brightness flickering in low brightness is still there even with Android Pie stable.
@Akshay Kumar I'm also on android pie but I'm not facing such issues.
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