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Community form is useless

Looks like hmd is least bothered of what happens here in the discussions. I mean there's no clarification, no assurance, no help no nothing by the officials. All we're getting is very little help from the moderators who can only do so much. Ok all that can be accepted if the phones we buy are problem free but they're not. Theres definitely a lack of quality control. Many ppl are already advising to avoid Nokia phones. Not sure if this company will survive if this continues. Nokia didn't listen to its customers and was eventually doomed, same will happen to hmd.
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Hi Dheeraj,  

We care about what is going on in the forum, but as stated in the >house rules< this is mostly a peer to peer, user to user forum, where user can exchange experiences and ideas, but it is not meant to provide technical support. To get support please contact our technical support >here<. You can also contact them if you found any bug. I and other moderators try to jump in when a topic is really popping up but unfortunately we can’t answer and help all the time. But be assured we read what is going on and we take the feedback we get in the forum seriously.  

Best regards, 


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