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ID3os.apk file is a trojan on my Nokia 6.1

System/Cea/items/id3os/id3os.apk File is a trojan and can take control of my Nokia 6.1. Please confirm Nokia....!!!!

McAfee reports the file as a Trojan. I have completely hard reset without restoring old data. Still the file some how appears as a Virus definition. Is it a system file or what. I heard the same file is appearing in other variants of Nokia like Nokia 8. What to do now.?

It's a false positive. So, no worries.

Problem: virus (malware) in OTA firmware Nokia 6.1 (Android 8.0).

Date: 2018-09-06

Quick response: ID3os.apk is not a virus, it is an alternative application store. There is no threat.


My smartphone is Nokia 6.1 (TA-1043) with Android 8.1.0 (00WW_2_22E_SP02).  I want to give here information on this problem, which took half a day. Perhaps it will help someone to stop worrying)) 


Dr.Web Space Security detected the virus: Android.HiddenAds.256


Link to the forum (URL is here) where the specialist from Dr.Web also confirmed that it is a virus. Everything is bad! Or not?


What I've done?

1. I returned the device to the factory firmware.

2. Сhecked device with other effective antiviruses that did not reveal any problems:

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security

Norton Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Comodo Mobile Security

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Antivirus 2018

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

F-Secure SAFE

G DATA Internet Security Light

Tencent WeSecure

Avira Antivirus Security

AVG Antivirus

McAfee Mobile Security

3. Also found a comment from Mike - Moderator (URL on this forum). Mike gave an explanation on this issue.


In general, everything is fine. There is nothing to worry about.

Good luck!

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