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Troubles with camera and video camera


I experience some troubles with my Nokia 8 camera. There are "waves" on the screen in colour and colour+monochrome, but not in monochrome mode. I'll try to paste a picture to illustrate the problem.

I bought my Nokia 8 through eBay. My phone had been bought in Hong Kong and sent from the United Kingdom. I do not know how to use the warranty. Does anyone had a similar problem or experienced something like this?


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Warranty is applicable only in the country of sale. And Im not sure about the wave issue, i think the camera module is damaged. You may have to get it replaced.

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Is there some kind of waves and you're camera can't get a focus?

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Is it this issue?

Shaking the phone stops it.  Nokia have refused to repair this issue.....

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It`s not a hardware problem. I and other guys at Russian forum have this problem. I got this "Blurnes" after I installed Pro camera from nokia 7 (back in february) after deleting it all goes back to normal. But now it`s permament since Nokia update our apk and firmware and there is no turning back now as far as i know. We can only wait until Nokia fix it.

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 Thanks guys.

Yes, shaking the phone or just turn it on itself stop the "waves" but just for a moment. The weird thing is that I did not install no other camera app except Instagram, if we consider it as such.

Thanks Dronkarp for your answer. It's incredible that this problem in not taken in consideration if we are a number of customers with that problem after a firmware update...

Just below, the picture I took with the waves problem.


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Thanks, that's good to know. Cheers Drwig

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Tech Wizard

The camera must not behave like that.

To me, the waves and the buzzing audio in the video posted earlier suggests a mechanical defect.
A warranty claim or a consumer rights claim must be made without delay so the phone can be repaired or replaced.

It does not matter if others on the Internet got a similar issue, and it does not matter if they convinced themselves to wait for some magic update to correct the issue.
The camera must not behave like that.


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I don`t think waranty will do something.

I already had problems with my phone (half of screen died).

After waranty check (for a week and a half) they changed screen module and for some reason a battery but didn`t change camera module.

Dunno you can try to make a waranty claim but i think they won`t accept it.

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I have the same issue: Autofocus goes crazy and the lenses moves quickly again ad again, making noise and vibrations that ends up with waves in the image and noise in the audio. I sent it to repair in warranty the past week, and I'll receive it next Monday. I'll tell you what they do and if it got fixed or not.

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My Nokia 8 is too . Camera waving and blur.. its happen this morning . How ???

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Did you phone is fixed Mr Franck ?

Hey @Sutiawan. Always not, I didn't get any answer from the seller of the smartphone. I am not a lucky guy on this case. I will try again today.

Hi @Sergio! Great that you succeedeed! I hope your device will work well.


I've just received my Nokia 8 from the Repair Service, and the camera just works fine.

All the process was smooth:

* I'm in Spain, so as an EU customer I have 2 years of warranty (including battery in this case, because it is not removable).

* After talking with Customer Service through the Support app included, the redicected me to the site.

* I filled it, and sent my phone following their instructions.

* In about 2 weeks (13 days) I have my phone repared, with a continous tracking system (both DHL and Nokia's ebuilder section).

The've changed some physical pieces (both lenses) among other things (like the screen, It had a bright at the bottom).

So I encourage you to repair your phones with the oficial service:

* Your phone must work as expected. As simple as that.

* The customer & repair service worked as expected, without any issue.

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 Hi @Sergio. I will contact again the Nokia customer service in order to ask for a repair an other time so 路‍♂️

Thank you :)

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