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battery draining issue

my Nokia 7 plus has a battery draining issue. It doesn't last for a day even for a normal usage. though the company claims a 2 day Battery.
Is it a joke Nokia. You claim something and can't even live up to it for even two months.

fix the issue fast Nokia or should I say HMD Global

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Pathetic battery backup it is not as claimed by Nokia Sad no response either I have seen alot of complains about battery backup!!!! I hope someday it will be solved
Those claims for 2 day battery back-up are with certain conditions. Mine last for a day and a half. Main culprits for battery drainage are 1. Swipe fingerprint for notifications, 2. Lift to check phone, 3. Adaptive brightness. Try turning them off and use it for couple of days. If you see any changes, then you know what to do.
Thanks for replying sure I will give it a try but what is your screen usage time??
Right now, 7 hours 22 minutes, and 35% battery still remaining.
Oh wow mine is too less its 4hrs 22mins and 22% battery left well I have already done what you said let's see will there be any improvement in battery backup
Apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, hike, Instagram use too much battery while running in background. If this isn't necessary then turn off background process and background data for these apps, that will increase your battery life.

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