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Got idea volte just now

Just now I got some message, i could not read Ot asked me to reboot I clicked ok when it got rebooted my phone is now VOLTE enabled with idea. I am from Hyderabad.

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After july update you got this?
I still did not get Idea Volte and i am from Bangalore

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Just send an sms as ACT VOLTE to 12345 you'll get 2-3 confirmation messages then you get a msg to reboot then ok that.. but takes some time..
I am facing serious battery drain issue after Idea VOLte. Are you facing the same?
That might be due to network fluctuations. If my network stays on 4G volte it maintaining good battery if starts fluctuating to 3G and edge battery is getting effected. Because idea is not that much like jio volte so few days the problem may continue. But one thing I observed is that those apps those need data are opening really fast.
Amyway its just only 1day experience. We can only say after few days. So let's see what heppens..

Are you able to make VOLTE call to Jio?

Whenever i try yo make a volte call to jio, it does not show HD. I am connected to VOLTE network.

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