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Introduction of Windows once again in Nokia.

I would like to request the R&D team of the Nokia to please introduce windows OS ASAP as we are still obsessed with the Lumia series that was fantastic product to use as it was user friendly and the best ever product that I have used, I personally do not want to switch over to the Androids as it feels too complex to users.

More that 45% corporate youth crowd of India is still waiting for this WINDOWS OS to be introduced back with NOKIA.

Me and my family has been almost a decade loyal user of only Nokia phones, it was just the obligation for my parents to switch over to the other brands because NOKIA never introduced a latest phone after 2015.

I am still using NOKIA Lumia 730 first edition and it still works fine with me other than small battery issues after so many years.

I would be highly obliged if you'll could bring up a NOKIA 9 with Windows OS

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