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EU-released Nokia's with JP localization available

I've recently bought two Nokia 8's for my Japanese wife and myself in the Netherlands, much to our disappointment they didn't come with Japanese localization settings. Now there's a workable official solution for input so it doesn't affect our daily life/job so much, but my wife seems to be so disappointed (display language, app settings etc.) that I am considering to exchange them for phones of other manufacturers, some of them seem to come with the JP locale even when they run exactly the same Android version.

I do understand it's more of a sales policy thing than something technical, I just want to ask the following:
- Are there any recent (or to be released) Nokia models sold by Western-EU retailers that do come with the JP locale?

Thank you so much for your help.

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I've never had a phone that was not from Nokia and I'd like to keep it like that, but to be honest I'm quite shocked myself as Nokia's have served me very well regarding Japanese since the Symbian era, WP excelled in it and now in the HMD/Android era it feels like I'm holding onto something I know I need to let go, seeing my friends having the JP locale on their Androids whilst they have no need for it. 

I know that there are unofficial solutions for my issue that are so simple, but I am not going to touch all that.

Again, thank you so much for any information!

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Hi Nuboko,

This is a big surprise, I find it very strange that the new Nokia phones don't include Japanese support. The only reason I can think is because HMD don't sell phones in Japan therefore they don't think Japanese support is important, but there must be a large enough Japanese population outside Japan that it would still be worthwhile making the effort (especially since many of the official markets for HMD are actually very small, e.g. some of the EU countries).

I hope that HMD see your post and can include Japanese support in a future update.

Fingers crossed :)

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 Thank you very much madbilly.

Yes I'm aware that such considerations are the very reason of this situation, hence I didn't mean to rant about it, it is indeed nothing technical (although I do feel let down), just all about how service is provided. They're bound by a lot of rules as well and I certainly can't complain about what we can do with these gadgets nowadays. And for future updates, yes fingers crossed indeed, thank you :')

Still, any information about EU-retailers/Nokia devices that would provide me the JP locale is very welcome, my wife and I still have some time left to ask for refunds/exchanges :')

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