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Nokia 2520 with Snapdragon 800


Snapdragon 800 Arm Architecture Nokia Tablet. Over the last week a Windows update blacked out my perfect Nokia 2520 (was updated automatically by Windows.

The screen went black except for flashing wifi and mouse which i can move around in the blacked out screen (mouse appears white).I am trying to find somewhere in Nokia to get a link to Win 8.1 RT because Microsoft will NOT help with Nokia Tablet, even though a Microsoft Update blacked it out and hundreds of other people have had this problem.

I want my Nokia working again, it is in perfect condition before update. This is a deliberate act to destroy property to get people to buy a new one, I am a welfare dependent pensioner and would have to save for one year to buy a new one. I want my Nokia 2520 working again sooner than 1 year.

Microsoft can only provide Win 8.1 RT with x86 or x64 architecture, I need Win 8.1 RT for Arm Architecture. I have been without it for a few days now and need it working.
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Hi, I replied to your post in the thread about the nokia software recovery tool but it will take some time to appear as I included a link to B2X so the moderators need to approve it (because it contained a hyperlink).

FYI, the original Surface ran on a Nvidia Tegra 3 which is an ARM based chip. IIRC Windows RT was originally intended to run on ARM devices, not x86/x64. I don't know if Windows RT ran on any x86/x64 devices.

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