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Nokia 8 Not Charging

I've got two Nokia 8's.  One for me and one for my wife.  My Nokia 8 is refusing to charge with anything other than the supplied charger and cable (so car chargers and other USB chargers, with correct cable with pull-up resistor, don't work), whereas my wife's Nokia 8 charges fine with all of these.  My Nokia 8 also doesn't have the 'click' when I put in a cable, so the slightest knock causes charging to stop on the supplied charger too.

I sent the phone for repair, but it's been sent straight back as not faulty.

Anyone else having similar issues?  Having a phone that refuses to charge in the car is making it a real pain......



Not much use to you but mine charges up fine with whatever i have tried it on charger wise although i only use Anker cables.

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Thanks, that is useful to know. Yes, my wife's Nokia 8 is the same as yours (charges with any combination)..... Cheers DrWig
Just an update. The phone has been returned, marked as no fault, unrepaired. However, it now charges correctly and the cables correctly snap into place! I did check the port for obstructions, but perhaps they dislodged something I couldn't see. Anyway, my unrepaired phone now charges great with all my leads/chargers..... Hooray! Cheers DrWig

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