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Screen shadowing history

Hello folks, I'm facing some issues with screen mirroring history shadowing as a user I would like get your comments if anybody else getting the same bug,

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If you mean something like screen retention, burn-in, etc. then please read the forum. There are plenty (!) of examples of this, pretty much every page of the Nokia 8 forum here has at least one thread on this. Bottom line: yes Nokia 8 is crap. The bad screen is just one example. Best to expect the worst for the future with this phone. Bring it back to repair, or (my advise) even try to get your money back and buy something else.
Yes a kind of burn-in, is it possible to get replaced. I've been facing this issue long time ago. I thought u was with any app or something. Later I have realized it is with the device itself. I love nokia but I'm not sure what's going on . Needed advices from expert users so.

turn your screen brightness down for a bit and get one of the apps off Google Play that can flash the screen different colours, one of the stuck pixel repair type apps.

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