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Connectivity issues

I used to use an old iPhone 6 but I never faced any call drops or disturbances in calls. But since I have been using Nokia 8 since 1 week I'm facing connectivity issues very frequently. Callers on other side often complain that they can't hear me while I have full signals on my phone. What's the issue?

Have you tried talking through earphones or on loudspeaker?

yes... that too different headphones but still result is the same. 

Turn off 'OK Google' detection.

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Yes I saw that video on YouTube and did that. Is that due to 4G calls or something?
Maybe not. Something is interfering with the mic but when i had this problem i did the same thing. Is it solved now?
Nothing as an interference in the mic, I also tried switching off Google assistant, but I guessed what's working at the moment is enhanced LTE in settings
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