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Reboot at least once a day or hangs

My phone reboot at least once a day, even if it is placed on a table. From time to time too, it hangs. Forced to reboot with power Burton + volume up. Somebidy gas thé sale issue ?

Sorry : .... power button + volume up. Does somebody has the same issue ?

Tech Wizard

The phone should not behave like that.

An old or cut SIM or a defective SD memory card could be the culprit?

If the error persists without SIM and SD card inserted when using the phone on Wi-fi then I suggest factory reset the phone, confirm the issue persists, then claim the warranty.
It's easier to claim a defect if you find a way to provoke the issue, and demonstrate it where you bought the phone.


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Thanks a lot user389. I will try what you suggest..
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