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InFocus, the secret cousins of Nokia phones?

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Hi all,

Whilst idly surfing the web today I found something very interesting. InFocus smartphones are made by Foxconn and branded by an American company. They are sold in China, India, Taiwan and maybe some other places. I decided to contact them and received some mail undeliverable notifications, but not from an InFocus domain, I received them from!

Who are FIHTDC? Well, I don't know exactly, but some of the apps for Nokia phones are made by a company called Evenwell. On non-China phones these are identified as com.evenwell.*, however some stock apps on Nokia phones in China are identified as com.fihtdc.*, where * is the name of the app. Look at for more info.

So FIHTDC, or Evenwell, or someone, is making software and/or hardware for both Nokia and InFocus smartphones... Very interesting! It suggests that some of the underlying hardware and software is shared between the two brands, but I don't think they are the same phones, at least they don't look the same.

Are there any other secret cousins of Nokia phones?

Cheers :)

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