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Android OS and Android System hogging battery

For last few days I have noticed battery backup is not even coming for 24 hours. Noticed the culprit to be Android System and OS which is consuming more than 45%. Did a factory reset couple of weeks because of the same issue and worked fine for last 2 weeks and now the problem started again. Anyone else having same issue and what is the remediation plan apart from factory reset.

The 45% is 45% of how much battery has been used though and not 45% of the total battery capacity. If you used an app or played a game for a while you would see the 45% drop as the percentages of what has used what changes.

Thanks Mr. Belter. Yes I am aware that 45% of my battery has been used by Android OS & System. But the concern is last night 11 PM I had charged my battery to 100% and then around 9 AM it has dipped to 56%. Looked at Battery usage and found these 2 components hogging battery even though I did not use my phone much throughout the night and in morning few regular apps like FB, WhatsApp and e-mails etc. So my question why they are consuming so much battery when it's not in use.

It's probably just sorting itself out for one reason or another, not a very scientific answer i know but in my experience if you just put up with it for a few days Android will have worked out what it is doing and the jobs a good'un.

Some app is running in the background continuously and is causing the battery to drain faster than normal. Remove the last application you installed before having this problem. If that doesn't work wipe android cache partition.

Tech Wizard

Facebook, WhatsApp and other social apps running in the background can cause Android 'System' to use more power.

- Try put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode during the night?

Hey guys.... Just an update on this issue.... My issue got fixed with a simple reboot.... Haven't rebooted phone for a long time....
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