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Charging slow on my Nokia 7 plus

After updating July security updates my mobile started charging slowly before it used to charged with 1.30 hr but now it's taking more than 3hrs help me guys. Any solutions?

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check charger output in any other phone

Have ur phone restarting continuously while charging ?? Bcoz my phone is getting restarted while charging continuously, charging also getting slowed down...
No I don't have that problem
I would like to request you to kindly follow the below steps one by one: Step 1: Go to setting>>app & notification>> see all apps>>3 vertical dot>>show system>>Android system >>force stop>>Storage>>clear data/clear cache Step 2: Please try to force restart device by pressing volume up key and power key button for 20 sec then device will vibrate 3 time and device automatically restart. Step 3: Please try to charge device on safe mode. I would like to inform you that in safe mode your all 3rd party applications will be disabled. To activate and deactivate safe mode kindly follow below mention steps: -: Press and Hold Power Key Button -: Then Press and Hold Power Off Option which will appear on display -: You will get Pop up REBOOT TO SAFE MODE>>Then Press OK -: Device will restart automatically then it will start in SAFE MODE -: Restart device to come out from SAFE MODE Step 4: Try to perform Factory data reset after taking proper backup Step 5: Else contact Service Center after taking proper backup and confirm that there is no physical, liquid or cosmetic damage in your device and kindly bring your device's invoice with you.
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