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The 8110 4G can be active with closed slide, e.g. recorder

Did you know that you can use the 8110 4G with the slide closed?

Cool if used as a recorder.

It requires a small trick:

0) Almost close the slide

and then in quick succession:

1) Press power

2) Close slide

3) Press power again

Just like two quick presses (within about ½s) on the power button alone, this will NOT terminate a recording.

 (have not tried it during outgoing/incoming calls)

Strictly step 0) above is not needed, but then you have to be really quick, as it must be within about ½s...


Thanks. Why do you suppose Nokia does not make such information available anywhere be it even as a FAQ at this forum? I only closing the slide cover works for the FM radio but didn't venture for other apps.

Well i'm not sure it is even intentional. It is certainly not intuitive....

And depending on the app/function, the ½s limit is there or not. If slower during recording, the app isn't closed, but the recording is ended - nobody would guess that...

It would feel much more intuitive if we could just hold the Power button while closing the slide... I guess stuff like that is likely to be ironed out in future updates. 

But back to your "why". I think the whole KaiOS and HMD/Nokia is so new that they simply need to find their feet, and find out how to communicate stuff. Also look at the communication (or lack hereof) on updates, and the very few apps.

It seems like the whole thing is hasted to market.

Maybe HMD/Nokia saw the whole project as primarily a gimmick, and was caught by surprise that someone are actually trying to use it more seriously?

And this forum as an almost only peer to peer, seems a bit odd too. But it could change of course, and a few moderator posts do exist.

Also remember that sliders are rare (apart from BB Priv the first in many years), so the phone designers are not used to think on how the slide should/could work.

I think we simply need to have a bit of patience til let them find their feet.


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