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Lot of problem with Nokia 5 after 4 month

I really like the Nokia 5, but now there are a lot of problem with it. When I used my phone to navigate for a longer time (3 hours), my phone's screen just pop out from the body of the phone (not the hole screen) I don't know why but I think the battery is get really hot, and the glue which hold the hole screen into the phone just melt. But there's more. About a week ago there are other problems with the phone. My phone just started to tapping itself in the top left corner of the screen. It's very frustrating, because there is the information bar in the top, and if the screen tapping itself, it just block the hole screen. And it's still happening after a reboot. And also the light sensor and the rotation sensor doesn't work, but after reboot it's just work fine for about a month. I hope it just a factory error phone I have, but if it happens with a lot of Nokia phone, then I lose all my hope in Nokia, because I'm a big fan of the company, and all my phone in my hole life is Nokia branded, so I don't can't to lose my hope in Nokia. Thanks for reading!
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