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What music apps work for playing music on SD card Nokia 6.1

I have loaded my music onto an SD card (ogg format) but have found that several apps will not play all files. The SD card was formatted in the phone, and the files uploaded via USB. Sometimes a particular track will play or will not play. The apps I have tried and fail to play all music are: - Google Play Music - Musicolet - Pulsar - Black Player - Phonograph As a test I tried VLC and it plays all music. Can anyone suggest apps which work? I suspect there are further issues as some

Great the Nokia website munged my text. I should add when a song does not play the app displays as if it is playing, just no sound either via speaker or headphones.

No problem. Just copied a few mp3 files to the SD card. (i've musicolet installed). I go to files, 3 stripes top left. Tap on the SD card and tap on the song.

Thanks for the reply, but a few songs unfortunately do not help clarify the issue. I have many GB of songs on the card. Musicolet (and others I have tried) will play some albums completely, others not at all. With a few songs it is hard to know if you were just lucky, or if the problem does not happen for you. Has anyone more extensive experience to suggest a player?

I have been doing a lot of experiments using a combination of:

  • Musicolet
  • Pulsar
  • Black Player
  • Phonograph
  • VLC
  • Rocket Player
What I found is that the behavior of Musicolet, Pulsar, Black Player and Phonograph are related.  A bad album which is not playing on one will not play on any of those 4 players.  If the sound starts to work half way through a song for one of the players, then I can pause the song, and play it on the the other 4, but once I go to the next song the music will stop on all 4 players (even playing the same song which was working just moments earlier).  It looks like these players use some sort of phone / android service to play music which has a major bug.  I tired loading some of the "bad" albums into a different directory on the SD card and playing but they still don't work.  I also tried transcoding to MP3 and those files played fine.  I then tried transcoding to OGG Vorbis at a different compression level but these did not play either.  Without transcoding a lot of music to MP3 I cannot comment on if the problem is just with OGG Vorbis, or if the problem will also occur with MP3.

I then theorized that I needed a player which was more self contained (thus not using the phone / android service with the bug).  So far VLC and Rocket Player have played without any issues.

So if someone is having issues similar to those I have seen, I suggest trying a player which is more self contained.  I doubt there will be any bug fix on this unless more people see the same issue.

It does make sense, your conclusion. If it was Windows, it could be Windows own sound driver. The 'cheaper' apps use the systems driver and the 'better' apps use own drivers. Maybe this is also the case with Android.

Try AIMP, works great with FLAC format, other players were giving me a buzzy background noise

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