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Parts were not Available in india's capi

I was visiting almost every Nokia care in New Delhi but Nokia 6 charging jack were not available.. And still I am visiting outside Delhi but nothing happened... I think Nokia service is not good and I never purchased Nokia mobile....

HMD global is missing or dead , RIP HMD
Ask them to replace whole motherboard. My service center in Kolkata replaced whole motherboard
Can anyone give me the address for Nokia in India
@user****150 in how many days nokia care centre returns your mobile??for replacement of motherboard

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Honestly just to replace my phone screen they took one month on a phone which went bad twice in just one month at the first itself I received a defective product and the second the whole touch screen just stopped working and there was a lot of trouble with the service centre I have even given a complaint on consumer court the company didn't turn up twice I am still waiting for them to turn up again and since in your case it was a motherboard hope they do the repair faster and if it was a new phone ask them to replace the whole phone Nokia devices aren't that reliable as I told you mine went bad twice in a month and this new Nokia company is pathetic.
Its since 8 days i have submitted my mobile at Nokia care... They gave 10 day time.. But now they r saying they still not receive the motherboard from Nokia They said it will take 15-20 days... Poor service by then
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