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Update issue

After every update installation it is showing factory reset.what should I do?

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The same issue here, but Nokia support is completely indifferent. They act as they have never heard of this issue before despite it is actually happening since May 2018. 

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This has been serious issue... When update for security patch pop up... You immediately thinking of the pain you will go through... Do something Nokia we are running out of patience.....
I also faced that issue. I think it happens because of some kind of application that we installed. So you have to do a factory rset to fix this issue. After that phone will update without a problem
I did do a factory reset more than once but nothing happens. When update pops up you will be facing the same issue... Another issue happened yesterday. Update for performance improvement and July security patch poped up about 450mb but in the process of update only update for security patch installed. Tried to check for another update nothing happened.
How do you know that only the security patch was updated?
Before the update it showed the security patch was for June 2018. When the updates poped up as I said was about 450mb it started as usual about factory reset. I did choose to try again... After second attempt it downloaded the update but it didn't take time concedering the update size and our Internet speed it was not possible to download that size of Mbs. To my surprise after heading to try to update the phone again the security patch had changed to 5 July 2018.
Ohhh already, it has logic, what a bad thing that happened to you, but it is rare that you have to reset the device, I never had to do it when I update it
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