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No system update?


 I bought one set of 8110 in HK, which Model is TA-1059 and Product code is 23ARG14ROW2.

Just heard some of the users received their system update of, but I checked again and again, I've got nothing to update with my version

Just wondering if my product code is forgotten from system upgrade?


I had the same problem with my 8810. It was bought in the Netherlands, but with my Norwegian simcard there was no update available. Then I switched to a Dutch sim, and the update was there. Maybe it isn't available in your country yet, you could try to find a foreign simcard online?



Yes, KiaOS Technologies told me that it is Nokia of a particular country that sets requirements to the Telcos when an update shall be allowed for a valid SIM card for the Nokia 8110 4G so I suspect it has do with language issues.

Well I got mine updated through WiFi before even inserting a valid sim-card. But of course they could still be checking country through IP..

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