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General considerations

Hello everybody.

i've just bought the new banana and i wanted to share some idea with you.

first of all i have to say that i'm quite happy with it.

i'll use it as a backup phone when i don't want to use my smartphone and for the price it gives me 4g, wi-fi hotspot, gps with maps and dual sim.

that's quite a bang for the bucks.

that said, i've read around in this forum about the issues you all had, and i'll try to group my experience in two parts:

1- the good.

the phone has a stable 4g connection and is readily recognised by my macbook even with usb tethering connection, so great as modem. gps gave me no problem (aside a quite slow fix on cold start) and google maps is useful even without navigation feature. the screen is good and readable, the OS is quite easy to use. it seems decent when it comes to privacy features, but i haven't opened a kaiOS account yet and i'm still deciding about it.

2- the (little) bad

"bad" is definitely a strong word since we're talking about a cheap feature phone.

for this same reason i disagree with those of you complaining about the absence of this or that application or some advanced feature.

as said, is a cheap feature phone. it has some quite good plus as the 4g, wi-fi, gps and dual sim.

i think we can forgive the loss of some nerdy side.

for the same reason i totally understand the presence of a processor which is all but zippy, giving lags quite often.

moreover, i think it's fair to say that KaiOS is quite immature yet.

there are several bugs and missing functionalities which i hope will be added soon:

  • my first issue was the lack of a static IP setting in the wi-fi page: it's possible to connect to a hidden ssid, but only if it works as dhcp. no static addresses. also, wi-fi settings seem not remembering networks' passwords. that's way annoying.
  • is not clear where bluetooth downloaded files are stored. if i go in settings>phone>download there's nothing. on the other side, when connecting the phone to the mac with android file transfer app there you can see all the files.
  • as many of you as already said, i also have issues with the T9: it doesn't remember the capital letter settings, and you have to toggle that everytime.
  • the contacts app seems to have problem managing multiple importation: i've tried to move all my contacts (a little more than a hundred, not so many...) on the phone in one move, and it freezed after 30. i had to do it with multiple operations and still there were issues...
  • no bluetooth tethering. that's a bummer. fortunately, as i've said, usb works fine.
  • for me as well the fact that the navigation button has no shortcuts function is a missed opportunity.
  • and for me as well the fact that is not possible to remove unwanted software and games is definitely annoying.
  • last, not about the software, i really think this phone lacks a physical volume balance button on the left side. but anyway.

well, my 2 cents.

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