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Audio playback signal is very bad!

 I bought a Nokia 3.1 and I'm sorry I bought it. Audio playback signal is very bad!
It's very ordinary. You can not listen to music, it's good only for hands free device, just for talking. It has distortions over 5% at an audio volume of less than 70%. No quality audio.
I replaced the original audio headphones with professional ones. There are no improvements. Audio is still a bad one.
I've tried several audio players for Android / ver (8), Musicolet, piMusic, etc. No improvement.
The old phone, Nokia 6500c, works fine audio (for example). And Nokia3.1 ordinary.
Query: Where can I download an audio chipset driver update, for quality music. On surcharge. ???

- Mircea 7.

Hi, I also had some issue with volume distortions and it was related to an enabled by default feature about sound.

Into yout Sound/Audio Parameters menu, into advanced options, at the end you should have "sound optimization" or something like this (depending of your language). My advice is to turn it off in order to keep an undistorted sound.

I don't know if it's a Nokia or Android 8.0.0 feature.

Yep, mine is the same. Audio quality on wired headphones is terrible - and yes, "sound enhancement" is turned off.

Workaround I've used: put an in-line volume control in with the headphones, turn the volume on the controller right down, turn the phone volume right up, signal:noise is much better.

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