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Samsung Gear S 3

Samsung gear S3 classic... Not connecting to Nokia 7+. Tiil pairing it's working... After that keep on showing "pairing undergoing" Please support with tech support.

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Samsung Gear S3 will not connect with Nokia 7 Plus, have done a lot of install and uninstall and BT configuration with no success. Either is a difficult method to pair or Nokia is not compatible with Samsung Gear S3. Could Nokia advise which one it is?

after pairing is finished it show pairing on the screen in samsung gear app then  go to settings and bluetooth and touch on the gear s3 name in bluetooth list and it gets connected then go to the samsung gear app and login with your smasung id and complete the watch setup.

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Thanks for the assistance ramz6 but there is no option to login on the Samsung gear app. or if there is your going to have to lead me there step by step.

install these following apps 1.Samsung Gear

                                            2.Gear S Plugin

                                            3.Samsung Accessory Service

then open gear app and pair it and pair it manually by doing the above process then when you go back into gear app then it show some prompts and then you have to sign-in to your samsung account and you can use your gear s3

Again thanks for your assistance, have opened a samsung account, put the details into the phone done points 1 - 3 all done. Still not connecting. BT says its connected but fails to connect via app.

Samsung dubai and nokia india confirmed, both will not pair or sync. Means samsung gear s3 will not pair/sync . So don't waist time. We have to pressure both manufacturers. To make it happened

I'm very confused because reading other treads on the Nokia site some people indicate they can pair/sync these two devices.

I though a highly rated Nokia, with the latest android would not be having such an issue, should have gone with Apple I guess, or Samsung.

I would like someone from Nokia to comment if this is true or not, considering this is their site...

I have connected my gear S3 frontier to Nokia 7plus Model TA-1046 so I have said the steps I followed

Thanks again ramz6, have check my Nokia 7 plus phone model, TA-1055, not sure if this makes a difference but still no joy. I'm not much of a tech/software expert as you may have guessed but if you could outline your steps to how you paired your phone I would be grateful, and I mean step by step, even you think a step is may be silly I need it written down like real basic point form. Ta

I've connected my Gear S3 with the Nokia 7 plus, just the way ramz6 did. But it sometimes disconnect it and I can't find out why. Also auto-connecting to my carkit works not all the time. Reconnection to my watch after driving neither. The problem is that the Gear S Plugin connects tot the Gear, but not the BT connection.
I've tried some apps with no success to auto reconnect, with one app I had both the watch and the carkit connected acccording the 7+ but actually there wasn't a connection with the car. I've read that this was a Nokia-issue with Oreo, so …. come on quickly with Pie please. I really like the 7+ but this issue could be a reason to buy another one and never buy a Nokia again ..

I have found no fault with the 7+ connecting to BT in car, nor via BT to surface pro, works like a dream. I have gotten notifications that the Gear S Plug in stops working a bunch of times. I have given up for now trying to pair the watch and phone, a big waste of time and $ so far. No happy Samsung/Nokia.

I had the same problem, a rotating galaxy graphic on both my Nokia and Gear S3. I followed the guidance sent to me by Samsung (uninstalling software, switching off Bluetooth etc, nothing worked). I took my phone and watch into the Samsung service centre in Bristol UK were a very helpful service agent sorted out the problem. He connected the watch to his own phone (not a Nokia) once connected, the watch seemed to download an update. When we then retried the setup on my Nokia 7 plus and it worked!
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