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Battery standby

Hi there I got my Nokia 7 plus by the month of may and the security patch is up to date but as per the Nokia statement battery must stand upto 2 days with full charge But I am not getting a standby even for a day.and I don't have any apps like cleaner,ram booster,etc.And I use basic apps like WhatsApp,FB,Hike and I don't have even any games itself and also I restricted all the background activities of the apps.kindly help us with suggestions to improve battery backup or even state am undergoing any problems also .

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Can someone give me solution or reason for this poor battery back-up
2day battery is as per using the phone company lab environmental,as per daily usage the phone will last you easily for 1 day with heavy usage and 1.5 to 2 days of moderate usage,also note that network coverage and apps like Facebook and Facebook messenger hog battery so battery is environment determined,Nokia has tested the battery as per their standard operating environment
Mehta sir is there any ways to optimise our battery backup a bit more
Try and disable some apps running in the background in battery manager,switch off mobile data incase connected to WiFi,if there is no LTE network or not in use then switch to 2g for Vodafone ,Airtel and others ,they consume more battery than Jio since they are not true volte 4g networks
Mehta sir all background application are disabled and I got my Airtel network even with 4g in my area only 2g or 3g is coming in a rarest case only 4g comes if we switch off one the volte mode and having selected the preferred network type as 3g will it be fine ?
Yes ,switch to 2g network not 3g as 3g will still consume more battery
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