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Very bad, glitchy audio recording on the Nokia 7 Plus

Hi. I have had the Nokia 7 Plus for 2 days now. All updates have been installed. And the audio recording quality is very bad when using the "stereo" mode in apps.

I use Parrot Recorder, one of the best in the Android app store, for making audio recording of musical performances for later study. My friends and I have used this recorder with other phones, especially the OnePlus, Moto phones, etc. and the quality in stereo mode is pristine. Any low quality audio recording that ever happens is due to the phone itself.

So, I excitedly install the app, since there is no default audio recording in the Nokia 7 Plus, and get immediately disappointed with the quality of stereo recording. The mono recording is OK, but that's not what I want. When I hear the stereo recording audio on headphones, I can hear the voices jumping quickly from the right to the left ear, and vice versa. I have researched online and it seems like the Nokia 8 also has this issue. The official Nokia info says that there are 3 mics on the 7 Plus for better spatial recording.

I am sure this is the reason for the glitchy recording. Either Nokia needs to make it possible for audio recorders to record normal stereo, or Nokia needs to release official audio recording apps that make use of the spacial audio recording features.

Currently, it's very embarrassing for me to send in mono audio recordings to other with a "shiny new Nokia".

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