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AR Core is here

So, the Nokia 8 now has AR Core support and HMD delivered on their promise, awesome!

So, has anyone been able to get AR Stickers to work in a modded GCAM app? If so please share how you did it :).

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I had no idea that the Nokia 8 was now AR Core compatible so thankyou HMD/Nokia. I don't use the Google Camera app but I have tried it out with the Measure App that Google demonstrated at I/O this year and it works really well. As a side note AR Core also means that AR Kit apps can be ported to Android with very few changes and they will just work, I assume this works the other way as well.

Really awesome that HMD has kept its promise. I have been trying to get the AR stickers working, but without any luck. If someone does find a way, do let us know in this thread

AR Stickers is exclusive to the Pixel devices and whether it will make its way to other phones I don't know, oddly though the sticker packs are available.

I am not sure HMD had to do much, it seems that Google put the Nokia 8 on the AR Core compatible list so you could then go download the framework from Goole Play.

I haven't been able to get the stickers to work with a modded Google camera but i know my mate has on his Galaxy S6 so it must be possible.

Thanks for sharing that AR Core is available on the Nokia 8, I was not aware that it's already available, did it come with a monthly update?

However, I also got it working with AR Stickers :)

I use a GCam port from developer arnova8G2 . There is a collection of GCam ports on the site I am not sure if I am allowed to post links to the GCam ports directly, but when you google for arnova8G2 you should find a link to that site which contains a lot of GCam ports. I use the port "Arnova's v8.1". So I installed that. At the top of the page is a collection of Help topics. When clicking on "AR Stickers" you will find a detailed description how to proceed. I used "Method 1" and it worked!

Proof below :)


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Use moded version of AR stickers with latest MGC google camera. It work like charm

Ok, got AR stickers to work with Arnova's port, since that one works best for me, MGC crashes in certain modes..

So :

1 : Install AR Core from Play Store

2 : Download and install Arnova's version marked in red from here :

3 : Install this version of AR stickers :

4 : Enjoy AR Stikers on the Nokia 8 :).

Of course install APK's at your own risk.

Lol my comment finally got through after a while. Anyway user1511456725119's info is better, since the AR stickers version on that website is newer and improved from what i've linked.

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