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TA1043 Security Update

Hello, My unlocked TA1043 still doesn't have the July Update. I'm from France and my operator is Free Mobile. I see in another subject our english neighbours have problem to have timely Update with their Nokia 6.1 versions. Is there other people with a TA1043 model that don't have the update ? If yes, have you tried to force it ? With a factory reset or with a vpn trick ? I start to think Android One is not the paradise they promise ...

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Same model, in France too (on sosh network), still on june update.

I wonder if we'll get P before the end of the year. so much for fast updates...

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I don't understand why we doesn't have the update and the lack of communication from HMD doesn't help ... If only they could explain why.
Am expecting 9.0 April next year for Nokia 6.1 !!i u want faster updates buy this fons (G.P,1+,and E.PH1,,,,),,,any other brand even with android one plus Google treble is no guarantee of any faster updates !!

I'm from Italy, my phone doesn't have a SIM, and I didn't receive the July update. My model number is TA-1043

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