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Unable to install Oreo Update on Nokia 2

 I have a Nokia 2 I purchased last week. When I searched for Oreo phones online, I found Nokia 2 had it, so that's why I bought it. Now I see my phone is stuck running an OS from 2016.

I tried registering for the beta labs. I registered the device's IMEI and carrier and submitted the request for the OTA update, but the update has not come.

I'm using FreedomPop (an AT&T MVNO) as the provider. Would that prevent the update from being pushed? What other options do I have to update the phone?

356042080968243 Oreo update

The Beta Labs program that us Nokia 2 users used to upgrade to Oreo Beta has been suspended for new users (at least according to @Appu Mali:

Yes, newly registered nokia 2 users on beta labs, now aren't getting Oreo 8.1 beta OTA update, because hmd closed it for stable version releasing perpose

Does that mean I can get the stable version? If so, how?

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You will get it when Nokia will realese officially in this month ,your phone will show an notification/prompt you that have an update available atomatically, in phone system update
@Appu mali How you can know that Official Oreo update will get this Month. who told you? pls say.

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Hi, from Nokia 8 to Nokia 3 all devices which have they discontinues the beta labs then after in 5-7 days they realesed the stable version, for them, So Nokia 2 has also closed the beta labs testing program, form 1 St August so I think, hardly they realese stable version in this month
Thankyou for Your Response @Appumali
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