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Still on May security update

Using 3.1 in US and it's still on May security update. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Same here. Kind of aggravating considering I left Motorola because of the slow updates and went with an Android One Nokia device and I'm still getting slow updates and almost three months behind on security patches. Considering this phone has A-B treble support you'd think that updates would be pretty quick but I guess you get what you pay for a sub $200 phone with buggy lagging software with no updates.

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Hi, it should be a bug because others phone like mine (Nokia 3.1 model TA-1063, in Europe) are receiving updates : It received the July update as soon as it was turned on and connected during the middle of July.

May be Nokia should become aware of your problem and do something to solve it ?

Also, if you are comfortable with Android settings and data backup, you can try to factory reset it but I'm not sure of seeing why this would change something, apart from the fact that out of the box, mine did the update without any problem.

It would be interesting to discover what is blocking your updates !

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Yeah if it's true and something is blocking updates that would be interesting to know why. I've factory reseted my phone 2-3 times already due to some bugs I've encountered but still not receiving any updates. Still on may security patch as well

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If the "Over The Air" way is broken then Nokia should seriously consider making an official USB way to upgrade/reinstall the phone.

There is 3 ways I know about flashing an Android phone's firmware

  • The first one is the "Android way" (adb reboot bootloader, fastboot oem unlock, then a "flash all" script facilitating the work...), used by Google themselves for giving their users a way of upgrading or reinstalling their products. I think this mode exists on every Android smartphone, isn't it ? :
  • The second one is the Download mode. It depend of the model and brand but I think we can find this special mode on almost every android phone. It's used with a "patched" software that can be found on the Internet, but it's a dirty hacker way to do something using software that nobody knows the source, so it's clearly something that everyone should dislike.
  • The third one depends of the chipset : it's using the MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM : while the phone is off, if you connect it to a computer, it appears during few seconds as a COM Port. Software like SP Flash Tool is then able to catch it, take it, and rewrite it with a selected firmware. But I'm not sure about where does "SP Flash Tool" comes from, and where do we found the last updated Nokia firmware of the phone without anything that would be undesired into it.

On Sony Ericsson and now Sony the phone is factory rewritten by their software using their own variant of the 3rd way, you connect the phone while pressing a button and the phone is instantly in a special "SEMC mode" allowing to flash it while the screen remain turned off.

Anyway, it would be really awesome and useful if Nokia could give an official way of putting the phone into the "last up to date brand new state" through a computer

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It would be really awesome and useful if Nokia could give an official way of putting the phone into the "last up to date brand new state" through USB

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One last thing, did you enter the "Developper mode", then "OEM unlock", USB Debugging or this kind of setting ? Don't know if it can block or unblock the update mechanism, but there isn't a lot of things that can be related to the updates.

Available memory ? After a factory reset I think this cannot be a problem.

Also I put an SD card into it and it's used as Internal Storage extension, and it's encrypted (it seems that the phone is encrypted and that it don't want to be unencrypted, so for using the SD card that way it asked me to encrypt the SD card too). I made it after the update, don't know if the following ones will be available for me too ?

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Yep, still on May.  I was hoping that the next update would fix the background app issues.

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Could someone with Nokia support give some input on this please?

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Bueller? Bueller??

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12 month ago, a thread started about bringing back Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

Even if there is a lot of ways or sometimes some unclear utilities to flash Android phones, what would be really needed here, is a way to flash the phone with the last version. Even if there is several utilities depending on the model's chipset or I don't know but I think the "Product feature ideas" thread "Nokia Software Recovery Tool for Nokia phones" is missing some votes !

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Is anyone from Nokia monitoring this forum?

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 I can confirm that Europe version has July Security Update at the moment of writing this message (August the 20th).

I suppose they have no bugs in releasing updates to this phone. They may have encountered some issues they are fixing before proceeding to regular release. IMHO I expect the August update to come up with a Maintenance Release to fix some bugs discussed in this forum too. It's clear that the first build needs a lot of fixes. Let's wait and see

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Just a data point.  I have a US 3.1 (TA-1049) on AT&T.  My security patch is May 5th.

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I asked this question on the Nokia 3.1 product page:

"Is this phone supposed to ship with android 8.1? i received mine with 8.0.0 and may 5th security patch level. it has not updated since."

It received this answer from Nokia Mobile [Manufacturer]:

"Hi there! Yes, we've looked into this and it seems that testing caused some delays in the roll-out of these updates. The team has begun releasing the July update at this time and you should be receiving that relatively soon.


I guess that means 'please wait patiently'.

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