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Charging Notification

 After the "pro" cam update my Nokia 8 stopped giving a notification when you plugged it in on charge, the last time i asked people recommended resetting the phone, well this morning i reset the phone and there is still no charging notification, i don't suppose anyone has a clue how to get it back do they?

Tech Wizard

A factory reset with or without restoring a backup afterwards?

On my phone, with no issues regarding notification sounds..:

Settings > Sound > Advanced = Phone ringtone, Default notification and Default alarm sound is set to my preferred sounds, and Dial pad tones and Screen-locking sounds is ON.

Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > App notifications > Menu ellipsis > Show system > Display 'All apps' = Only Android System WebView is disabled (per Android default) = In 'Apps: Turned off' view I've disabled Google.

Others report missing notifications for other stuff. I guess it could also be a Google country or language or account specific 'bug'?


The phone restored its self afterwards so i guess it could be an app blocking it. I don't get the SD card notification either after a reboot or cold start.

I have been looking for a fix for a couple of months but it is looking like having to wait for Android P i guess.

Tech Wizard

Android's backup/restore routines is more or less broken.
There's IMO a chance/risk that backups is not fully compatible with the latest versions of everything, due to obsolete settings and inherited stuff.

- You could try set up the phone fresh on a spare Google account (to make sure the original backup is not overwritten).

Tar, i'll give a week or so before i try owt now, after spending yesterday sorting it out i cant really be bothered starting again today.

Thanks for the help :)

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Tech Wizard

I'm curious how the notifications work for a guest user on your phone?

Settings > Users & accounts > Users = tap Guest to activate.
(Pull down the top menu to deactivate and erase).

It must be a preference somewhere but I can't find it. And I don't think the 'Reset app preferences' in the reset options is useful in this case.


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