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trouble getting software updates

hi Nokia! i have a question. hoping that someone will reply. I havr trouble getting updates (MR and SP) for my nokia 6.1 every time i check it always says system up to date. im stuck with the june sec patch and build 2.22A which causes the rebooting. i tried contacting support and followed each instructions but to no avail still no update. is there something wrong with the device? it's august now. 2 months I've been experiencing the reboot and it's making me pissed actually.

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On the Nokia release info page, there are definitely three variants, each with a separate update for June and July. August isn't listed yet. Check it out, the post I wrote with the link was blocked.
Select Nokia 6.1 from the drop down list. Nokia main website. /en_int/phones/security-updates
You would have thought thought they would have updated it from the 9th July
Guys! I just received the 2_2E update and the july and august sec patch. I downloaded turbo vpn then set the server to india. if this won't work try this: -remove sim card -hard rest the device -don't log in your google acc -install turbo vpn using downloaded apk from chrome -set vpn server to india - check for updates. hope this will work for all of us
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