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Network access problem


Sorry, I'm French, this is a Google translation.

because it runs on AndroidOne, it has 64 GB of internal memory and it is (supposed to be ...) equipped with the standard B28 (700 Mhz) in LTE, this device had everything to please me. ..

Unfortunately, it freezes in 3G + (but passes in 4G or 4G + if available). Can not stall the H + (or H). Obviously, I tested with different operators (perso I'm at Free).

And in my rural area, H + is available everywhere, 4G locally. I conclude that the device is not compatible with HSPA +, despite the technical descriptions read here and there.

In addition, Orange subscribers seem to have encountered some setbacks with an update that parasitized network access a few weeks ago. But impossible here to put that on the roaming account Free-Orange, since it does not work with other operators.

Has anyone encountered the same problem?

thank you in advance

Hi, I have a Nokia 7+ and can not get acces in France to the Internet 4G, 3G. Just nothing. When in the Netherlands last week Internet acces 4G runs perfect. I have a Simyo (KPN) sim card. I also have another telephone, Micorsoft 640, and my SIM card functions fine and receives 4G,3G etc. in France.

Bonjour, j'habite en France. Moi aussi j'ai pas de acces au  Internet 4G, 3G ou 2G. J'ai un Nokia 7+. La semaine derniere j'etais au Pays-Bas et la ca funcionait tres bien. 4G etc. 

J'ai aussi un autre telephone, Microsoft 640 et ma carte SIM de Simyo marche tres bien avec cet telephone: 4G, 3G etc. en France. Donc le probleme c'est Nokia. 

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