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Android Pie Update

How quickly is Nokia commiting to provide the update? Especially, given the state of Project Treble. 

Don't expect Android 9 for the 6.1 until end of September/beginning of October (my best guesstimate). In fact this release is not complete, not all features promised are ready. No clue why Google released it early.

I believe with the exception of Digital Wellbeing and Slices. Everything is up and running. I believe. I would have estimated 1-1.5 months in pre-Treble days. But, since this is the first release to benefit from Project Treble. It's really hard to say. Essential released the update in a matter of minutes which is really unheard of .
I wonder whether we'll see a beta round first? It's currently in beta for the Chinese version of 6.1 and has been for a while, the results of which may mean they seem a Google Store version for the 6.1 unnecessary.

Only reason I went for this phone is because I liked the design and I was told it will get android updates soon as they come out. Pixel already has Android Pie, if Nokia android one phones don't get the update this month then this phone is pointless to me, ill probably sell it and just get a Pixel. They have a much better camera!

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I wouldn't be so hasty with upgrading since Nokia can't even get the 6.1 to work properly on Oreo. 

My units been having no issues since updating 22E build. And the July update came pretty quick. So, fingers crossed.
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