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Ton of issues

I was a hardcore Nokia fan and I was excited to buy the 6.1 with 3GB RAM version. Though specs level I have issues which I can forgive. But I have problems with hardware and software which is what annoys me especially the phone being 2 months old. 1) Camera hangs in other application such as WhatsApp, paytm 2) Speaker is not working properly. Audio is choppy as if speaker wires are loose. The headphones work perfectly well. 3) Phone restarts with simple tap on the table while placing the phone. 4) The battery is draining fast. Hardly 2 hrs on full charge. However after phone gets switched off and I plug in charger, the charge amount shown before boot is around 50% 5) while using Phone for calls, the mute button or another call gets activated by accidental contact of ear. The sensor does not work well. My phone is on the latest software and it shows system is up to date.

Apps can cause a lot of issues with phones, a considerable number stay in the memory for various reasons, almost all unnecessary, and for many just to push ads. There are even games that do this. Almost all of the time you get enough ads using the app or game, you don't need more. Try resetting the phone but do not restore backup, and no external apps, and see if it does the same thing. If not, reset and restore backup but only install apps you actual need and games you play. You can then stop them from running if they have no acceptable reason to through settings.
Alternatively you can just uninstall and stop apps now. It's good practice to regardless, and I certainly recommend the force stop for all apps and games that have no reason to stay in memory or push notifications. Go to Apps & notifications, click on see all apps, and for all apps and games that have no reason to stay in memory click force stop. Uninstall those apps and games you don't want or need.
I have done factory reset. While only my GPS issue is resolved, I have still ton of issues. The issues such as frequent restart, battery sudden drop, speaker issues etc. still persists. I think phone is going to be dead and it is only 2.5 months old... Lost confidence in Nokia ....

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My 6.1 is the most disappointing Android phone I've owned. Basic functionality like taking photos and learning to music is impossible given such obvious bugs. Worse, Nokia seems to show no sign of even acknowledging the issues. I've not had a problem with battery drain though.
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