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August security bulletin

The August security update bulletin has been released . It contains two separate stages designed to speed up delivery of the updates. The first is 01 August patch level, the second 05 August. It means either we'll have to wait a bit and get both at once, or will receive two security updates, hopefully soon, and hopefully in August. So even if you do receive the August update, unless it's says 05 August security level you have not received the latest. Thought I'd mention it seeing as it's different to previous months. The first update is all Android side so should be quick, the second one includes Qualcomm updates and should be, in theory, the only one that requires additional testing. I believe this is why they're separated. The update details are released a month beforehand to manufacturers, so Nokia have already have had a month to get this update ready for the devices. If testing is the cause for the delay they should have a beta programme where the update is available immediately and associated single thread to post issues. If any issues are resolved or changes made the participants could get a simple small update on update release.

The security patches dated the 5th of every months are for the Google released devices (Pixel and Nexus). All other OEMs will released security patches with the date of the 1st of every month.

Don't expect 2 August updates. You will only get the one dated August 1st.

Not according to the bulletin, which is why I mentioned it. It's most likely it will be included in one update as it's encouraged, but not necessarily ly. From the bulletin : Why does this bulletin have two security patch levels? This bulletin has two security patch levels so that Android partners have the flexibility to fix a subset of vulnerabilities that are similar across all Android devices more quickly. Android partners are encouraged to fix all issues in this bulletin and use the latest security patch level. Devices that use the 2018-08-01 security patch level must include all issues associated with that security patch level, as well as fixes for all issues reported in previous security bulletins. Devices that use the security patch level of 2018-08-05 or newer must include all applicable patches in this (and previous) security bulletins. Partners are encouraged to bundle the fixes for all issues they are addressing in a single update.

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August patch will be available on the third week of the month late days like 20s to 26th day ,,,android p will come April next year ,,if Ur waiting for some miracle then find a different fon start using it which have faster updates ...not hmd !!n
Hi Auki, where did you see that? Doesn't sound like the news that I wanted to hear!
Hey @thosbox ,u Shud check how long it took Nokia 6 gen one to get android 8.0 to 8.1 from nougat 7.1.2!! About 6+ months even though it was same year Oreo was already stable and at 8.1 going by that estimate expect 9.0 April next year and expect August security patch almost end month 3rd week of this month ,,,it's just how hmd operates ,,especially with the Nokia 6 series line up it is what it is !!!,,unless hmd does something different this time ,don't expect 9.0 soon ,,but security updates u will get them only at end month the last 3 months they have always came 3rs week of the month lol
Auki is right, the updates are always last minute. That's just how HMD operates now.

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That's not quite right, the non-Android One phones like the Nokia 6 2017 get the updates quickly. The Nokia 6 already had August andgot the respective updates on 4 July, 6 June, 9 May, 17 April. The March and April updates are over the place due to Oreo 8.1 update for the phone release. You can't compare it directly to the earlier Nougat timings since Nougat isn't Treble (separated OS to firmware and drivers etc), yet those monthly releases are generally before the timing of the Nokia 6.1 updates. All points to having issues, don't know what it means for the remaining major updates (9 and 10 at least) and 31 more months of monthly updates minimum. They will be releasing a lot of phones during this time to keep updated.
I meant with respect to the 6.1

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I haven't gotten the July update on my TA 1045 yet. So, i'm not sure i'll even get the August update. I'm very disappointed with Nokia.

I'm guessing your either on A or B firmware. Considering the Nokia 6 already has August update they're probably having issues. With all the new models likely over the intended support period of this phone, it doesn't look good. The August update though may include the security update, firmware, and a new Android build (hopefully branch 43, the latest Oreo branch), and these issues are resolved. If not, and these issues continue, the phone is a dud model but I doubt they'd admit that. At this rate the Nokia 6 will get Android 9 and access to the beta (if they do one) before this phone. 

Why are there so many different varients for the software(A, B, E) here in the UK and elsewhere
Hi ,@user1531487969843, that's because this 6.1 2018 had lots of prototype ,,but after all the issues hmd decided to globally launch a standard version TA 1043,,that's the one you will find in Belgium, UAE,Russia,Africa ,some Shengen countries East Asia,etc,,then Indians have TA 1089,,some guys in Australia have TA 1050 or something I don't know ,,but there are about 4 variants I might be wrong of this 6.1 ,but the most common one is the TA 1043 it's the one sold in most countries ,,so hmd is conflicted I personally have the TA 1043 running 2.222E with July patch has no issues except for gpay and NFC which I can live without anyways ,,but that fragmentation means those devices are not similar ,,some maybe have modem issues ,others display issues others PCB issues I'm,others thermal issues it's just slot ,but I am on a telegram group where someone has rooted their TA 1043 installed twrp and even runs HAVoC os ,,they are testing android 9.0 beta port from Nokia 7 plus ,,,and so far only single SIM Nokia 6.1 doesn't SIM to detect SIM but others with dual SIM works well on those ports ,,,so hmd giving us slot of ROMs ,A,B,E,C for a single device doesn't make sense even Samsung has exynos and Snapdragon devices but update is same ,iPhone has Qualcomm and intel choosers but update is same u didn't get segmented updates coz of demifferent variants of same devices !!!
@auki thanks for the reply I didn't know there was so many prototypes, why they didn't release just one type of software for each country I cannot understand instead of versions 22a 22b and 22e but again cheers for the reply

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Yeah 6.1 has alot of device variants unfortunately about 4 ..someone has a TA 1068 and never gets updates either that's even worst ,,but those variations cud be koz of ram size and storage size but all in all it shouldn't affect the quality and update path I get it that hmd is busy updating other device....but that shouldn't be the case they can efficiently work on updates if they just let users become beta testers ,let us choose to use unstable software and give feedback and even solutions that we may have stumble upon ourselves ,,imagine iOS has beta tests ,,always ,,lg..Samsung etc do have that so it's commendable that hmd updates almost all their devices faster enough but it's not encouraging that older devices are better supported than new ones ,,we buy new devices koz of support primarily lol ,,so it's a wrong business model hmd is taking ,I can only imagine Nokia 8 sirroco owners what they might feel like when someone having Nokia 5 enjoys faster and stable updates than them ,,,
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