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some calls and txt not received Nokia 6.1

I have a TA-1045 with the 1st June update.  Located in USA with AT&T.  I have on several occasions not received calls or txt even though I am in a good signal location.  Just today my wife called me twice while I was at home and the phone did not ring, and no missed call notification, though the alert to say I had a voice mail did come through right after she left the messages.  Similarly on the weekend my wife sent several txt which did not come through until some 20 minutes later (with phone in the same location).  I have not had such issues with other phones in the same locations.  Has anyone noticed similar issues?

I have been noticing a lot more failed texts (sending and receiving) over the past few weeks. However I'm thinking it's more of an AT&T problem. The only time I've had these failures is when my phone is connected to my WiFi, as soon as I disconnect the texts transmit normally. 

Thank you for the reply Jim.  I have not noticed any outgoing issues with my phone, and I have had the problem both with WiFi and without.  If your phone works when not on WiFi then the issue is at the phone end.  You may want to check if you have set it to use WiFi for txt. 

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