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Android 9.0 Pie update

As announced today by Google the Android 9.0 Pie is rolling out to Pixel phones and Android One program. Does anybody have the date expected to be released in ours Nokia 7 Plus?

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I was expecting to get Android 9 Pie together with Pixels. AndroidOne fails. We're just ordinary users and I was hoping for more ... Google does not sign

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Pixel phones will get it now.  For all other phones with Android One it will be fall 2018.

Essential Phone has already got the update yesterday, same day as Pixel Phone. So I asked for a more exact time other than what we all can read in specialized websites
The update for android pie on our androidone powered devices would come by September-november. I saw this via a tweet by nokiamobile power user on twitter.
I bought the 7+ so it would get updates early as Android one is as stock as it gets. Now I have to wait untill fall to get Android 9? This letdown, the fact that the camera is subpar and the laggy system is reason enough for me to sell this struggling puppy and get me a new phone. Thank you HMD was a short and unpleasant ride.

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@user1523852316679 buying an androidone phone doesn't mean that you will get major updates just like pixel at the same time. My dear, this androidone is built for giving that chance to enjoy that feeling of system updates. If you want the update on time, buy pixel. If you can't afford, don't think androidone is same as pixel and don't blame nokia for not providing the update as updates would be according to androidone only and not pixel. it takes time to build the update for androidone too . So it would be worth the wait. Also, a i have nokia 6.1 and see it has sd630 less powerful than your 660 and still i love my phone very much and haven't lag since i bought.
Hello people, wait a minute. So far, only the Essiantel Phone got it besides the Pixel devices. Among them was no OnePlus, Sony or otherwise. So wait and see when it really comes. It may be that it is in September and then we are still faster than most other manufacturers. Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC and a few more will all take longer. But if you really want to be the first, you buy a pixel! Of course I would be happy if the update comes as soon as possible but who knows what Nokia still has everything in front.
True, even nokiapoweruser tweet the same thing not whole thoughts but the waiting period as they said update would be sometime september-november. And truly i can wait for the time.
Probably android p update will come by the end of this month for Nokia 7 plus. For other Nokia phones update arrives in September.
Some nokia 7 plus devices started getting Android Pie . Check the internet
Unfortunately it's fake that is a stable version, now they are updating the contents to noticed that. Also here's an official twit from Nokia
The update which is available for nokia 7 plus is in beta right now.
Android p beata update is available for Nokia 7+...
I taught that Nokia 7+ receive Android Pie final build somewhere in august. It seems that Nokia has problems because the august patch is later arrived than normal.