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Rebooted itself and now stuck on NOKIA logo for hours

When I used my phone early this morning, I saw Google Play updating a few apps(Last I saw, it was updating the offline map in Google Map), so I let the phone sit on my desk in front of me while it was doing that.

A few minutes later I look up at my Nokia 2 and just see a bright, white NOKIA logo, the kind you'd see if you booted the phone.

The battery was above 70%.

It's been like that for well over 3 hours now, no sign of actually starting up. I tried holding the power button, it did nothing regardless of how long I hold it.
I thought about removing the battery to forcefully shut it down, but it's the non-removable type so I can't do that.

Please help, I can't find any help on this issue online.
Everything I find points to booting into recovery mode if the phone is "frozen"... But I can't even shut it down to boot it back up, nothing works.
Picture of the issue. (even if obvious)

Sound like your device is bootlooping. Try holding down the power button and volume down at once to simulate a bettery pull. I might be wrong, so don't take my word seriously. Best of all, take your device to a Care center, no Nokia 2 have bootlooping issues.

Power + Vol Down did nothing.

But somehow right after that I tried power + Vol Up and it turned the phone off, from there it booted into Android like normal. (Had I known... would've done that within a few minutes of it happening instead of letting it going for hours)

I don't think this was a bootloop issue, because it wasn't looping at it, it was literally just stuck on the NOKIA logo, it never moved from there, screen never turned off, it was always just, the NOKIA logo.

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