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Android Pie & Security updates

 Hi - I love my Nokia 3.1 - just what I was after.

When can we expect Android P to land on our devices?

Has anyone got August security patch yet?  I am on TA-1063 and still on July 5th.

Thank you :)

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I wonder if this has anything to do with this device not being certified. Check your Google Play Store > Settings > Device Certification. Mine says it's uncertified. Clicking on uncertified brings you to a link which talks about possibly not getting updates. Are others seeing the same?

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Mine is also uncertified.

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Mine is also listed as uncertified. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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Mine says Certified. But I'm still sucked on Andoid 8.0.0 I also have the July 5th Security Update.

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 @Jbx  mine too - seems they haven't updated to august yet.

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Oddly, while mine says uncertified, play store appears to function normally. It even shows updates available for four different google products. It seems unlikely to me that the play store certification would affect actual phone security updates, since those come from the manufacturer rather than google don't they? @Jbx - what region are you located? Mine is north America (US). I haven't gotten a system or security update since I bought the phone.

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Forgot to mention that although mine is listed as uncertified, it still seems to update/install Google apps normally and Play store seems to work properly.

Device is TA-1049 and I'm at security patch level May 5th. I am in Canada.

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@NokiaFanBoy - My region is Sweden Neighbor to Finland, homeland of Nokia. My device is TA-1063. I contacted Nokia support four weeks back. Asked them why my device was stucked on 8.0.0. With the Android One concept I was expecting to have the 8.1.0 version. The asked me to clean some caches in Google apps among other things I can't remember. And finally asked me to factory reset the device. Nothing seemed to help. Then, maybe a week later the security update arrived. But, after browsing around the internet I'm not even sure the 8.1 is officially released for this device yet. A little bit disappointing having the Android One concept and all.

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I want to start off by saying I think Nokia is doing a lot of things right, but unfortunately this bug keeping many of us from receiving the July security patch and the lack of any plans for unlockable bootloader for such bugs has me slowly heading back to motolenovo. They do a decent job at security updates and you always have the option to unlock your bootloader. Anyway my time here has been fun.

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 You can read the official changelog for the Nokia 3.1 here:

Nokia Mobile changelog

At the moment of writing changelog update is July 9 2018 and the Nokia 3.1 is at its first maintenance release (Oreo 8.0).

IMHO they're waiting for 8.1 update due to the fact that 8.1 doesn't allow apps to be installed on SD card (this option has been intentionally disabled by Google). Nokia 3.1 has a small amout of free internal storage.
For the security release I think that the lack of update is not due to a bug. August security update for the Nokia 7 plus has been released a few days it's time for Nokia 5.1, 3 and 1. Our 3.1 will follow in a few days. Expect also that the Security Release could be packed in a bigger maintenance release (MR) to fix initial bugs we encountered in this first release. (another hypothesis to slow down the SR a bit)

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 Just another data point, but my US model TA-1049 had said uncertified, but finally got the 5 July Security Update late last night. It now says it is certified.

So, progress! I now have the Security Update the US phones should have shipped with, only a month and a half later!

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Sir I started 8.1 download in my latest 3.1 mobile today and restart the mobile. From 6.30 am onwards it is just blinking and not starting. What to do
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