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Android P Upgrade

Dear HDM/Nokia, When are we getting Android P (Version 9/ Pie) I believe we Nokia 8 users have a 2 years of system update. So what are the updates? I want my Pie.

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It's been out 1 day :(

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Yeah bit early to ask.

8.1 is perfectly stable and i'm happy with it.

I'd like Android P, but i hope they keep the hardware buttons functioning so we don't lose screen real estate for gesture control... i wonder how they will work this out, please don't make a botched attempt HMD.. :)

It is my guess people who are signed up to the beta program will get asked in due course to download it and the full release will follow shortly after that.

As for the buttons they are still there thankfully, there is an option in P for buttons or gesture, only Pixel 3 will be gesture only, which IMHO is not the way to go, it seems cumbersome.

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Ah great news, thanks for the info!

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This is imperative, other Nokia models have confirmed pie soon eg 7plus and lower models. About 8 is only confirmed that will recieve pie eventually, but when? From marketing standpoint, they shouldn't screw flagship users who decided first to trust Nokia under HMD. TBH Android 10 on Nokia 8 would be also appreciated, that would be a great Wow factor for potential customers in future.

For some historical perspective, last year the non-beta Android 8.0 became available for Nokia 8 in late October, about two months after Oreo's initial stable release. Despite the two month delay, it was still among the first dozen or so device models to do so, so I'd be surprised to see the Pie update becoming available significantly faster.

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