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Locale and language

Owner of international version of N7P, TA-1046.

Attempted to change the system language to match settings on my google account, and previous android phone.

Meaning English (Finland) en_FI, Finnish (Finland) fi_FI, Swedish (Finland) sv_FI. 

To my frustration this is not directly possible, why is it so difficult to add full package of languages to choose from enabling a setup of choice. Not everyone wants to fiddle around with terminals of various kinds to achieve settings of choice.

I'm not interested in English US, English UK or Swedish (Sweden) others as these are then messing up the locale, -> currency, date format, week etc. that is wanted.

There are certainly others that have similar constraints in other countries around with the phone, with limited number of language and locale settings in this international version of the phone. 

Appreciating the stock androidone , clean and free from annoying software, being part of the deal breaker, but would enjoy more flexibility out of the box for configurations to my liking.

If there is a easy way to change and add languages etc, the answer is highly appreciated as it has not been found.

Would also like to change / edit the device name that is beyond reach. 

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