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Bluetooth turning on automatically N7 Plus

Hi Experts.

  • Bluetooth Turning On Automatically (even after turning it off).

  • Yesterday I was using my Bluetooth Headset with my N7 Plus. Then I switched off my Headset and switch off the Bluetooth on my N7 Plus. But after a couple of minutes, I noticed that the Bluetooth was still on, so I turned it off again on N7 Plus. While I was still in a Bluetooth settings UI, Bluetooth turned on again automatically after about 5 seconds. This wired thing was happening again and again. So I restart the N7 Plus and then turn Bluetooth Off and everything is fine.
  • Please check this bug in the software.


  • I found: One of the possible solutions I found was to restart the N7 Plus.


  • I also sent an email to Nokia Support, will update here as soon as I got a reply from them.
  • Does anyone else also face the same issue?
Thank You

Device Specs:

  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • TA-1046 V5.0
  • 8.1.0
  • 1 July 2018 Patch

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This issue is present on my device as well.

For me this issue is intermittent & occurs when I turn on Aeroplane mode & upon turning it off the Bluetooth turns on automatically even when it's already off before this Aeroplane mode switching.

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