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Android P update rollout

It is confirmed by Ndtv gadgets and Gsmarena that android P stable build update is rolled out for nokia 7 plus but i am yet to receive the update. Did any of you received it in India or any where in the world?

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Seems to be India only. They only just released beta 4 like 15 minutes ago so I don't understand how India even have a stable version.

I just applied for beta 4 and got the update right away. Hopefully its stable enough. 

yes i got it now.

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Hi all, 

we haven't released a stable build anywhere. Seems to be a fake - sorry to say but as user1524394957056 mentioned we just released beta 4 (globally). 

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So you mean that 1173MB update tat is mentioned in Gsmarena an hour ago is a beta build? LINK :

I presume it was a beta build or maybe it was a stable build not meant for the public yet. 

Is there any way to get the new update without wiping my user data?

Yes beta version is available but stable version is not available till now
I'm on beta 4 and it feels very stable. It does wipe your data though

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Waiting for Stable Pie update rollout

No updates are available in India so anyone can confirm when will it be available hope after pixel 3 launch it will be available
Pie as of yet has not been released for the Nokia 7 plus


Hi there,I merged this thread with this >one< due to same topic.