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Gestures are still bad

When we are in an app, and press the home button many times it just returns to the app drawer. Also, opening the app drawer is very very irritating, just bring back the swipe up anywhere to open add drawer.

Agreed that gestures are still very basic,not like iphones and even the junk miui ,why is that back button there on the screen they could have easily just made a swipe to go back from any app or screen ,one of the purpose of gestures was give full screen which is still not there ,that back button and the dot (slider brick) makes no sense
You are right.....but the UI is a Choice of Google Nokia 7 Plus is an Android One device So let's just try to get comfortable with it.....until Google figures out a better Gesture navigation
I have used gestures on pixels as well, they are still better.
These days all companies are trying to implement ideas from apple from notch to gesture Google is also no exception...even impressed from windows too that's healthy to enrich development. But i think this dot gesture is mess .. swiping double to get the app drawer is just a mess while they easily could swipe left for back and right for multitasking like moto does. Much easier & mess free.
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