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disabled noise Cancellation function

hello all

I think the noise Cancellation quite good but when i took some video or recording audio, the sound quite bad

now i'm looking the best way how we can turn on or turn off the noise Cancellation

i'm using nokia 8

Tech Wizard

Video recording in the default camera app captures everything in spatial stereo / OZO sound. There is no noise reduction.

Phone calls, and audio recording in Google Keep, Messages, and in third-party apps for audio or video recording use a standard noise reduction, optimized for voice.
This built-in noise reduction does not work for wind gusts blowing across the microphone, only for machine noise and other constant background noise.

There is no option to turn on or off noise reduction.

I miss wind-noise reduction in phone calls and audio recordings outdoors, and at least a bass filter toggle to reduce the huffing and puffing in video recordings outdoors.


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i hope when they are update to android pie

it would be available for the noise cancel 

when i send voice with whatsapps the sound quite bad it is not natural sound 

they are many phones with noise canceled but no function to disabled/unable 

my ex-phone motoM the the same experience .

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